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Gearing up for Cohort 2

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Cohort 2 are on their way…

The count down has begun. We have recruited eleven outstanding students to start our program in September 2020.

In early August we had an online Q&A session for our new starters with the CDT team and some of cohort 1 members. It was a chance for them to see some friendly faces and ask any questions they had about preparing to come to Sheffield and embarking on a PhD.

The CDT team are busily making plans for their Induction Week and all the new activities for 2020/21. We cannot wait to meet them in person but, rest assured, all our plans conform to Government and University guidance.

To help our new members of the CDT, we asked one of last year’s students if they had any advice to share…

Meg’s Top Tips for new PhD students

  1. Say “yes” to everything at the beginning then decide what you like the most even, for example, talks you don’t think you’ll be interested in because you never know!

  2. You’re gonna be super super busy the first couple of months so use each other for support

  3. Don’t let impostor syndrome get you. Everyone is at different levels and some people will know more than you, you just need to accept that and use it to your advantage – everyone has knowledge to share.

  4. Learn how to code in Python!

  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

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