Our students

Cohort 1

Thomas Green

Industry partner: Tribepad

Supervisor: Dr Diana Maynard

Project title: Using NLP to Resolve Mismatches Between Jobseekers and Positions in Recruitment

William Ravenscroft

Industry partner: 3M

Supervisor: Prof. Thomas Hain

Project title: Mixed audio quality meeting transcription for highly reverberant environments

Megan Thomas

Industry partner: Apple

Supervisor: Dr Heidi Christensen

Project title: Speech Technologies and health, explorations and applications

Peter Vickers

Industry partner: Amazon

Supervisor: Dr Loic Barrault

Project title: Common-Sense Reasoning from Multimodal Data

Danae Sánchez Villegas

Industry partner: Emotech

Supervisor: Dr Nikos Aletras

Project title: Multimodal Social Media Analysis

Sebastian Vincent

Industry partner: ZOO Digital

Supervisor: Dr Carolina Scarton

Project title: Communication Accommodation in Machine Translation

Rosa Wainwright

Industry partner: ZOO Digital

Supervisor: Prof. Aline Villavicencio

Project title: Collecting and using cognitively annotated natural language datasets to detect idiomatic expressions

Hussein Yusufali

Industry partner: Apple

Supervisor: Prof. Roger Moore

Project title: Continuous End-to-End Streaming TTS as a Communications Aid for Individuals with Speaking Difficulties but Normal Mobility

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